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Difference Between Fixtures and Jigs

jigs fixuresThe words fixtures and jigs are common terms used in machine shops. Although both are used as tools to mass-produce parts, they have two distinct functions.

Fixtures are used to hold work pieces in at specific location. For example when parts are machined on a machining center or wire EDM, they are clamped into a fixture which reduces the amount of set up time. This eliminates set up errors and brings down  production cost. As all machine shops owners are aware of, the best machine tool is one that is making parts and not sitting idle. Fixtures need to be heavy and rigid, and machined with precision in order to have consistent results.

A jig is a tool that guides another tool in order to improve the accuracy of the part during machining. Often a jig is used in drilling, boring, and tapping operations so the drill doesn’t wobble or stray away from the location where it’s suppose to be. They are also used to make sure a part is drilled to a specified depth without the need constantly check and re-drill if needed.

At Precision Technologies, we specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom jigs and fixtures. Since we incorporate the latest machine tool technology and employ experienced machinist, we can ensure your jigs and fixtures will have the accuracy that will meet your expectations. We design and build the following types of fixtures and jigs: welding & assembly fixtures, checking fixtures, work holding fixtures and welding/ assembly fixtures.

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