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Part Sorting, Containment & Inspection Services

Part Sorting Containment ServicesPrecision Technologies has worked with array of OEM’s and suppliers address ongoing needs for sorting, inspection and containment. We’ve worked with aerospace, medical & defense industries. At PTI we can sort and inspect your parts whether you have a handful of parts to be sorted or several thousand, regardless of how complicated they are. We are here to protect the end customer from defective parts. PTI can measure and sort your parts, review the data, and create detailed reports. As a manufacturer it’s crucial getting your shipment delivered right every time.  You need to have the best processes in place to ensure consistency in the production of your parts. Our sorting services are expedited by experienced professionals. We provide a thorough audit including setup, work instructions, tools and gauges, and documentation. Additionally, with our containment services we can quickly respond parts with issues while providing containment of the parts. We’ll provide the data related to the parts inspected to identify the cause of the issue and suggest how it can be corrected.

When you choose PTI., you can be assured that our sorting & containment services will meet your expectations. PTI was founded in 1997 in Crestline, Ohio by Pete Dzugan, after recognizing a need for independent Coordinate Measuring Machine inspection and certification services. With over 100 employees, we have a proven track record of successfully providing sorting & containment services to manufacturers. We can perform our sorting and containment services at your your location, your customers or at PTI. Since PTI is an ISO/IEC 17025  laboratory accredited, you can rest assured that your calibrations and third party inspections are performed with the highest degree of care possible. When it comes to launch and sorting projects, we help you save money. Click here to contact us.

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