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Non Contact Inspection Services

3D ScannerIf your manufactured parts are fragile or too sensitive to touch with a measuring tool, they require non-contact inspection services. Common contact devices such as micrometers and vernier callipers touch the surface in order to determine the dimensions. By touching the fragile part, they can damage it or make the measurement unreliable because of the part’s texture. Laser scanners, shadowgraph or profile projectors are ideal to measure sensitive parts. Non contact measurement devices can get the measurements without touching the surface. If the surface gets marked distorts with pressure, a non contact inspection process ensures the continued quality inspection at every point. Laser scanners which use laser light offer additional advantages. They can be attached to a CMM or come as a portable device. They easy to operate and the measurements are stored into a computer into a computer which speeds up the process.

At Precision Technologies, we perform reliable and accurate non-contact measuring services. For a quote on our non contact measuring services, click here or call Precision Technologies Inc at 419-683-8029.

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