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Tooling-Die Inspection Services

tooling die inspectionBuilding any type of die weather it’s a stamping, draw, blanking, or progressive can be a complicated machining process. Most dies must be precision ground, milled and wire or CNC sinker EDMd. There are several components to a die set that includes the die block, punches /plate, and stripper plate. All these components must fit together in order for the die to work. Before the die goes into production, it should be inspected and compared to its CAD file. Inspecting a die set prior to a production run and sending it to a metrology lab like Precision Technologies, can assure that your die will produce parts accurately during the production run. In the event the parts of the die are not within specs, actions can be taken to correct the issue before the stamping process takes place. This will prevent the chances of scrapped parts being stamped. Once the die has been inspected, the first parts can also be inspected to further ensure part accuracy. This is known as 1st article inspection which not only measures the parts but provides a measurement report for a given manufacturing process. Additionally for the automotive supply chain, inspecting first part run offs creates confidence for the suppliers and production processes. This process is know as production part approval process (PPAP).

Part inspection and calibration issues can affect a company’s bottom line. Inspection of tools and product parts reduces costly redesigns and adjustments. Let Precision Technologies take away your worries with our precision die inspection services, conducted by qualified staff in our environmentally-controlled facility. You can rest assured knowing that our lab is
ISO/IEC 17025 certified. We offer a wide range of services, including third-party inspection services.

Contact PTI today, and let us show you how quickly and easily we can inspect your dies and parts. Call us at 419-683-8028 or
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