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Welding Alignment Gauge

Welding Alignment GaugeWe recently designed and built this custom welding gauge for a client. The gauge is used to align welds resulting in perfect alignment. Sure the gauge requires extra work & cost but you're assured that every weld is where its suppose to be. With our welding alignment gauges, you will get the same results regardless of who is doing the welding. Our alignment welding is the best choice for fast, reliable and accurate welds that require consistent results. We provide alignment & weld measuring gauges for the following uses and industries: aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, and construction.

Precision Technologies is an expert in designing and building custom gauges and fixtures. Since we incorporate the latest machine tool technology and employ experienced machinist, PTI can ensure your gauges will have the accuracy that will meet your expectations. If you require a custom gauge, contact us at 419-683-8029 or click here to request quote.

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