PTI Inspection Services

Quality Error? We Can Help!

No one wants to think about when things go wrong...but it's inevitable. We want you to know that when they do, we can help you clean it up! If you have to filter your product through a 100% (or 200%, whatever your company may call it), let us perform the sorting task while you continue to focus on production! Our staff is dedicated to providing this service at a moment's notice, and offers to do it at your very own facility! If, for any reason, you prefer us to do it at our facility, that's okay, too! Just send the questionable product to us and we will take good care of you.

We are currently sorting automotive parts for Honda, Chrysler, Subaru, Ford, GM, Nissan, and Volkswagon. The products are a combination of metal, glass, and plastic, and are as follows: mufflers, car seat rails and side brackets, windshields and coils, seat pans, door handles, and so much more! Need some references? Our work speaks for itself:

PTI Inspection Services


  • Cardigan Yutaka Technologies

Chris Reale

Senior Manager of Quality

Phone: 419-864-8777 Ext: 6265

  • Agrati, Inc.

Ken Koge

Quality Manager

Phone: 330-721-6173

  • Imasen Bucyrus Technologies

Andrew Cole

Assistant VP of Administration

Phone: 419-563-9590

  • Vitro, Mid-Ohio

Jason Wallace

Quality Manager

Phone: 419-617-9802

  • Taylor Metal Products

Rick Smith

Quality Engineer

Phone: 419-522-3471